Foot Care

How to Care for Your Feet

Taking the weight of our whole body, day in and day out, our feet are certainly stressed. The prolonged pressure on the ball-of-foot does not only create fatigue, but also thickens and roughens the skin on the sole, which is constantly in direct contact with the ground. Besides, bacteria growth is promoted when our feet stay inside the tight space of our shoes over extended time. With all these internal and external influence, the appearance of the feet may be affected, causing issues on caring for the cutaneous surface and foot odour.

TWO Major Concerns In Foot Care

1. Caring For The Cutaneous Surface

Similar to the skin on other parts of the body, the skin on the foot goes through a 28-day renewal cycle. A regular renewal cycle can keep the skin soft and smooth. However, with the undesirable lifestyle habits of city dwellers and influence from environmental factors, the rate of skin metabolism does not always reach a healthy standard. Added with the fact that foot care is usually overlooked, dead skin on the foot begins to accumulate into layers, causing calluses, cracked heels and similar conditions.  

2. Foot Odour

Damp environments, sweat, everyday habits and foot diseases can all cause foot odour. To resolve this embarrassing condition, everyday care must be carried out accordingly. To prevent odour from happening, we must tackle from the aspects of personal hygiene, health, and anti-bacterial efforts.